Tonight's actual protagonist is this pair of Nike kobe11. The asymmetric design of the left and right heels also has different meanings. The four bright red lines symbolizing the four inch Achilles tendon suture and the symbol of Achilles on the right foot complement this asymmetry. The overall feeling of shoes is simple. You say that she is not like basketball shoes or football shoes, but like a photographic picture sometimes.

This time, Nike kobe11 returned to the built-in route of the midsole, using the whole Lunarlon damping foam. The forefoot is similar to the free cutting hexagon matrix block, and the single Zoom Air cushioning unit is used in the heel. Compared with my previous kobe10 and kobe9, it is more flexible, light, and resilient.

The front and back height of the entire insole will have a transition from low to high, and the arch also has a small support bulge. The Lunarlon of the forefoot is just right soft, and the zoom air of the back foot is in place in terms of power generation support and cushioning feedback, but it appears in time when you need it.

The flyknit 2.0 knitting technology is used in all Nike kobe11 generation vamps, and TPU thermoplastic fiber similar to fish thread is integrated into the woven vamps. Because there is no lining, the first feeling of this vamp is that it is not as thick as my 10 generation elite.

TPU's "fishthread" integration may be really quietly integrated into the vamp, which makes flyknit weaving technology take a small step forward. I really feel that the vamp of this pair of shoes has good firmness and flexibility, and the feeling of moistening the material is silent, which is always with you,

As an old fan of Kobe Bryant for nearly 20 years, I think it's a happy thing to have such a pair of nike kobe 11 to accompany him through the last season

Finally, to give Nike kobe11 a final evaluation, I think it should be these eight words: heavy sword has no front, big coincidence does not work. It is not dazzling, but it can see some real chapters in the actual combat.see other cheap nike kobe shoes

As one of Nike's most classic series, air max has accumulated a high popularity in more than 30 years of history, and a new pair of Nike Air 200 will be officially launched recently. The design style continues the traditional look of the air max family, and the color is a tribute to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. Retro upper design and colorful theme make it more suitable for summer wear. Air max unit in the back foot.

One of Nike's classic collections----Nike Air 200.

The upper is made of mesh and leather, the air max unit with a full open heel and a full open window at the bottom symbolizes family identity, and the air max unit at the back foot. It's a pair of shoes with both beauty and comfort.

Inspired by energy patterns radiating from Earth—like the flow of lava and ocean waves—the Nike Air 200 offers a springy Air Max unit for flawless comfort. With exceptional cushioning and modern detailing, this shoe radiates cool.

Visible from the side, the brand-new Max Air unit provides more Air underfoot while the lightweight, breathable mesh in the upper contours the foot. Rubber under the Max Air unit creates a larger profile.

Cushlon foam offers remarkable underfoot cushioning for all-day comfort. Exposed foam in the sole helps to reduce weight and adds flexibility.

Lightweight TPU frame and no-sew skins skins create a modern, sporty aesthetic.Full heel-to-toe rubber coverage on the outsole increases durability.Nike Air 200,is great.

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Many homes want to create a wet and dry bathroom with minimal cost when doing bathroom renovations, so they all install a shower curtain instead of a shower room. So can the shower curtain really play the same role as the shower room? Let's take a look at the difference between the two!

Which is better for shower room and shower curtain?

First, the comparison of materials and appearance

The shower room is made of tempered glass and hardware and aluminum to separate the shower area from the sanitation area; the shower curtain is just plastic or fabric similar to curtains. The shower room has a flat shape, a circular shape, a diamond shape, etc. The shower curtain is rich in color and can be used in all bathrooms.

Second, the ability to cut off

The waterproof of the shower room is better than the shower curtain, no leak detection; occasionally there is a glass explosion accident in the shower room. The shower curtain sometimes gets sticky and sticky, and it is very convenient when using the shower curtain when the space is small. Regardless of the function of wet and dry partitions or insulation, the shower room is superior, and if there is enough space, it is better to install a shower room. However, for some families with small apartment bathrooms, the hanging shower curtain is a solution that saves money and saves space.(cheap shower curtains

Third, the price

The shower room is made of fine materials, so the price will be relatively high, depending on the style and design; the shower curtain is cheaper and can be bought for tens of dollars. If the shower room is damaged, the maintenance cost is high; the shower curtain is cheap and can be replaced at will according to the mood. Hanging shower curtains are the most flexible and cost-effective solution. However, the shower curtain is more prone to mildew, and it is generally best to replace it after a while. The shower curtain is likely to stick to your body when you take a shower. This wet feeling is very bad. For qualified owners, spending money on a shower room should be a good choice.

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